A collection in perfect continuity with the previous one, deliberately designed to complement the first. It’s all about time and singularity.
The raw, intense, dazzling light of the summer sun at its zenith is used in a quasi-extreme vision that aims to question seasonality and obsolescence through a counterpoint and paradox.

In the same spirit, the garments multiply their uses, with systems of ties, fastenings and but tonholes. They can be worn as desired, far away or close to the body, and we appropriate them to create our own personal wardrobe, our own collection.
Objects stripped of their initial function are adorned with dress codes, and hybridization is a civen: Marie adam-leenaerdt’s signature.
“Create the surprise”, she says. Thus, the portable b each hut becomes, almost literally, a dress, in the same referential fabric – a conceptual garment.
The collection is enriched by flat mules in supple leather, a trompe-l’oeil stiletto heel, a large parasol tote, pool and sand prints, and denim. The very first swimwear collection transgresses codes: they can be tied, untied or worn upside down.
It’s not a swimsuit. It’s a top, a pareo.

Press: @lucienpagescommunication