Today marks my first chapter at Carven, a house with a rich history founded by Madame Carven in 1945. She was the first in many ways — a pioneer in ready-to-wear, marketing and fashion shows as transportable experiences and collaborations. She infused her brand with her personality and spirit which was one of youthful, spontaneous joy. Her love of nature and her optimistic spirit, more than any specific code, defined Carven.
We share common values — a desire to create beautiful, purposeful clothes for everyday. Clothes that bring confidence to the wearer. Clothes are made with a pragmatic approach, devoid of too much drama and noise. I intend to focus on a wardrobe and the woman who wears it, and for Carven to b e a place for women to connect, to feel seen, and be part of a shared story beyond fashion where mindfulness, optimism and joy are celebrated.
I intend to evolve slowly and to rebuild this house to become a much-loved home.
I am thrilled to collaborate with Alison Watt for this first show, a woman who I admire and whose work inspires me. I chose her painting Warrender (2016) — a blank page with memory folds — for the show invitation. It represents the beginning of my journey at Carven.
Press: @lucienpagescommunication