Virginia Vera, a makeup artist who drives the world of beauty.


Virginia Vera, a makeup artist who drives the world of beauty.

Virginia is a makeup artist of Uruguayan origin who has lived in New York for 3 years, in this short time her career has grown exponentially, she has worked with Pat McGrath and Erin Parsons, in shows such as Valentino, Maison Margiela, Marc Jacob , Moschino, Versace, etc

How did your career as a makeup artist begin?

“I think I always liked art since I was a child, it was something that was always with me as I grew up. Until one day I realized that the hobby could be my vocation, driven by my family and following what I was passionate about, I decided to dedicate myself to makeup. The road was long and difficult, I started in 2008 but started dedicating myself full time in 2013.”

How did you get to fashion makeup?

“My first experience in fashion was in 2014, when I was summoned by Einat Dan, for a Fashion Week show in New York where creative makeup artists and body painting were needed. From that show on, I fell in love with fashion makeup and I decided to dedicate myself to that sector. Then in 2018 I had the opportunity to participate in a casting directed by Pat McGrath where I was selected and well, since then a new world has opened for me.”

What do you take into account when designing a makeup?

“The first thing is to know what that makeup will be for, if it is an editorial or a show, etc. After having the concept, the chosen theme, in case you are working with a creative director or styled the communication is essential. The chosen model is also very important, because it is not the makeup alone, it is a team, it is everything. Many times the models themselves are the ones that trigger inspiration, the diversity of faces or what they convey is fantastic. For me, art and nature are essential as means of inspiration when creating makeup. I define myself as an artist and not so much as a makeup artist, I like to create because of this the first thing is to imagine what I want to convey and then see how I do it.”

What do you like the most about makeup?

The ability to beautify, to transform, to communicate those were always things that fascinated me about makeup. I don’t think there is an area that I like more or less, or that I feel indifferent about. I find it fantastic what can be done just by applying paint to a face or body.

What do you think about the increase in the beauty industry in recent years?

It makes me very happy!!! I think that social networks have had a lot to do with it, and this fascinates me. But what I like the most is the diversity, that it is no longer something for certain groups. That makeup is for everyone and we can use it and enjoy it as we please. That it empowers us, that it transforms us, that it entertains us…